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GEORGETOWN SUMMER MEDICAL INSTITUTE was a weeklong program at Georgetown University that provided an introduction to several different aspects of medicine, along with the experience of living in dorms and attending classes and labs with different high school students from all around the country. I got to work with a patient simulator, learn how to prepare for medical school, hear lectures given by Georgetown professors, talk to medical students about their experiences, study at the human cadaver lab, travel to the Shock Trauma Center, and so much more. See below for the specifics of what I did each day at the medical institute.

Day 1
Cancer and Pathology Lecture by Dr. Dean Rosenthal
Pathology Lab
Histology Lab

Day 2
Neurology Lecture by Jacqueline Pham
Dissection Lab
Cadaver Lab
“Road to Medical Career” talk by Dr. Andrea Morgan and Dr. Patrick Forcelli

Day 3
Patient Simulation Lab and Nursing Skills
Pandemic Flu Exercise
Triaging Exercise
First Responder Medicine presentation

Day 4
Visit to National Institutes of Health
National Museum of Medicine and Health
National Zoo

Day 5
Radiation Medicine Lecture by Dr. Timothy Jorgensen
Radiation Measurement Lab
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Lecture by Jacqueline Pham
Transplant Surgery Lecture by Dr. Richard Holt
Surgery Lab
Suturing Lab
Medical Olympics

Day 6
Visit to University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center
Medical Olympics


Continuing Ed
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